What Is The Cause Of Conflict In My Father's Paw

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INTRODUCTION Different people can interpret the book differently. Here is my interpretation of it. There are different conflicts in this book but I will focus on only one topic and start from there. The main character in this book is Karl. This book is written to tell the Karl’s story written by the narrator. The narrator writes about Karl’s conflict with himself, the difficulties he meets because of his dyslexia. Not only the problems his dyslexia brings with it but also the struggles he faces to express his feelings and even depression. PARAGRAPH 1 Some of the characters in this book are Karl, Author, Fiorella, Karl’s mother. Karl Williamson is an 18-year-old boy with dyslexia and works as a plumber. Karl’s father passed away when he was 12 year old. Mrs Williamson who lost her husband has to work to get the economy going, and has a tough time getting Karl to open himself up to…show more content…
She is a 17-year-old spoiled brat from a wealthy family. She want’s to be the centre of attention and doesn’t care much about Karl’s interests or his feelings. The later pulls the trigger between them and they end up fighting. The Author (narrator) who we don’t know the name of is a realist old man who lost his wife Jane. He has no children. The author admires Karl. PARAGRAPH 2 Other conflicts that the narrator tells us about are the conflicts between the characters. The first one is the fight Karl and Fiorella hade when on a trip. They broke up because Karl tried to make her to get pregnant. After the break up he considers suicide and falls in depression and he bottles up his emotions. The death of his father adds up and makes it hard for him. Karl never processed his father´s death and couldn’t let him go. The missing presence of his father contributes to Karl’s depression and his way of expressing
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