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Dyslexia is a cognitive disorder that affects one’s ability in reading and interpreting words and numbers. Despite it being a learning disability, it does not have anything to do with the intelligence of someone with the disability. In the film, the father referred to people living with dyslexia as “retarded”, which I think is a harsh term to describe someone with a disorder. This is also unfair because people who were born with dyslexia have normal intelligence, it is just a matter of learning and reading. Dyslexia and ADHD often occurs together and it is reported that an estimate of 12-24% of people with dyslexia also have ADHD. This explains the behaviour of Ishaan as symptoms of ADHD include “problems paying attention, excessive activity, or taking action without forethought”, all of which were displayed by Ishaan at some point during the film. Inclusive education means that all students attend and are welcomed by their schools in age-appropriate, conventional classes and are supported to learn, contribute and participate in all aspects of the life of the school. Inclusive education is all about developing schools and classrooms to accommodate all students involved so they could learn and participate together. It is important to mention that just by including children with and without disabilities will not…show more content…
I felt captivated by the depth and message of this film. It really makes you think and start a conversation or dialogue about inclusive education and dealing with students with disabilities. It brought up the memory of me in high school and how the school assimilated disabled or special needs students into regular classroom and how hard it must be for them. Being included in activities with everyone else and enjoying the same opportunities is not quite the same as feeling included. Ishaan had enrolled in normal schools but even he realised how different he is from the rest of his

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