Dyslexia Persuasive Speech

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Attention Getter:
Did you know as many as 8.5 million American people are dyslexic? Given this large number of people one would assume that there would be a push by the government to understand dyslexia via research in order to help students suffering.

Common Ground:
However unfortunately students with dyslexia tend to be some of the most overlooked children with learning disabilities. This is because public school funding does not focus on accommodating individual disabilities but instead tends to hide these students away in small group class rooms. While this is beneficial to some students with other learning disabilities such as ADHD, dyslexic students have been found to stay stagnant in these small class room environments. It is easy to see that small group class rooms are not a fix for dyslexic students.

Central Idea (AKA Topic Revelation Statement):
What I am proposing is to require the President's annual budget to request Congress each year to include a line item for the Research in Disabilities Education program of the National Science Foundation and to require the National Science Foundation to conduct
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However, the program created in 1975 was only for students with Intellectual Disabilities which excluded dyslexia. It wasn’t until 1990 when the government revamped the qualifications for disability services yet again to include services to students with dyslexia. Because this program is so premature teachers are often not prepped with information on students with dyslexia and it is often these students slip through the system undiagnosed. Not only is there a problem of underdiagnoses but because of a lack of information on the disability the students who are diagnosed do not receive proper education for coping with their
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