Dyslipidemia Essay Questions

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1. Give three different examples of the function of blood.
-Blood supplies the body with the nutrients that are essential for the body; such as the following: oxygen, glucose, and insulin.
- Blood removes the waste products of metabolism, in terms of creatinine, carbon dioxide and urea.
-Blood provides a defense mechanism for the white blood cell count and the antibodies.
2. Briefly, describe basic blood composition and what each component consists of.
There are three formed elements of blood composition. (plasma, buffy coat, and hematocrit).
Plasma- contains the lipids and the cholesterol
Buffy coat- aids with clotting cells
Hematocrit- the red blood cells

3. What is dyslipidemia? What factors can influence dyslipidemia?
Dyslipidemia is the abnormal amount of blood and lipoprotein concentrations. Dyslipidemia is influenced by the elevation in low density lipoprotein cholesterol (negative cholesterol LDL) or the triglyceride concentrations. Lastly, when
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Why do you think it is important to screen for dyslipidemia before exercise?
It is important to screen individuals for dyslipidemia, due to the risk of coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, individuals who have high levels of triglyceride or cholesterol levels can experience insufficient amounts of oxygen to the tissues, heart, and the brain. Also, these individuals are at an increased risk for myocardial infarctions and stroke.
7. When inserting the needle for venipuncture, what should you be careful NOT to do?
When inserting the needle for venipuncture you should be careful not to push the needle in too shallow, or too deep into the vein. This can cause permanent damage to the nerves.
These are the precautions that should be followed when inserting the needle:
-Push needle further into vein when engaging evacuated tube
-Pull needle out of vein when disengaging tube -Pull needle out of vein as you pull back on the plunger
-Pull up or press down when needle in
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