Personal Narrative: My Dyspraxia Nervosa

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Everybody have to move their body to keep fit and flexible, especially if you want to stay that way until you kick the bucket. Since I have the goal to become an active old lady, I have to maintain the body daily and to avoid regressing, which makes the dyspraxia surface. 

It is very important to train on a regular basis and keep active during the day. Therefore, I often walk in the stairs instead of using the elevator or escalator and walk to my job instead of taking the bus. Small things like that makes a huge difference. Since I am a tomb-boy, I do not thrive when being inactive. This is a challenge since I mostly work on computers, but a good work station helps a lot. In this case the dyspraxia is a gift, as most people are too inactive in the Western world. The dyspraxia forces me to be active to prevent a decrease in my life quality. I know how good life becomes, when I am active. Japanese lifestyle I got a major epiphany in Japan. The Western lifestyle makes our bodies lazy and stiff. The sad thing is, that already in the early childhood we raise our kids in a way, which make them lose important abilities. My first eye-opener was at the train station the first day. I saw an old man squat, even though he used crushes to walk. Then there were…show more content…
Body care products are In general, one huge bomb of chemicals, even the brands claiming to be organic can be a challenge. Just because something is natural or organic, does not mean that it is good for the body. When I try to put it into black and white, I always compare with eating mushrooms, since all mushrooms are natural and mostly organic. Still you would not eat all them, would you? Some of them are seriously piousness and therefore, even though something is natural, it is not the same as it is healthy for you, and that goes for skin care

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