Dysthymic Depression Case Studies

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Dysthymic Depression
Dysthymic depression is a mild case of depression that last for a long time. It usually last up to two years, but it can last longer than that. Any type of depression can have some type of interference with the person’s ability to function properly in normal daily living activities.
Contributing Risk Factors
• Major stress stressors
• Chronic illness
• Medication
• Relationships
• Work issues
• Abnormal brain circuits
Signs and Symptoms
• Weight gain
• Weight loss
• Appearance of being rundown or exhausted
• Sadness
• Insomnia
• Fatigue
• Thoughts of suicide
• Troubles making decisions
• Having feelings of not being worthy
• Social isolation
This type of illness cannot be cured but it can
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It helps the client with problem solving with things in their life that do not help the illness but further aggravate the problems.
Behavior treatment: Helps the client with their coping skills and dealing with interpersonal reasoning on resolving whatever conflicts they may be facing.
Goals of Treatment
The main goal is for the client to be compliant with medication and other treatment methods so that with a combination of the treatments it will maintain a type of control with the depression.
Nursing Interventions
1.) Providing safety to the client. Rationale: To ensure safety to the patient from any harm to themselves or others.
2.) Encourage and providing proper nutrition to the client. Rationale: Keeping the patient hydrated and making sure that they are eating because sometimes people tend not to eat when they are depressed.
3.) Ensure the client get rest. Rationale: Not enough rest can cause the client to experience fatigue, have no energy, and become lethargic.
4.) Provide patient teaching. Rationale: Explaining to the client what to look for when experiencing depression and how to
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