Dystopia In The World Today Essay

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Our modern day united states is a utopia, right? Or is it more like a dystopia? A dystopia is a place in which is imperfect and people are unhappy with the way of life. Surprisingly our modern day is very simular to a dystopia but there are some difrences. But are these difrences enough to make us a utopia? For my example of a dystopia I will be using "The Giver". In this dystopian society children are assigned a number at birth. For example in The Giver they state "The numbers were rarely used after the naming." This means that they are assigned numbers at birth to help identify who they are instead of using their names that they get when they are one like we do. In the modern day we are assigned Social Secrutity numbers we get this number after we have been named and our birth certificate has been submitted. This number is also used to prove who we are when…show more content…
They are assinged jobs at the age of 12. The jobs are chosen by the Elders who monitor the strengthes and weaknesses to see what job would be best for them. In the United States we are told that we can be what ever we want to be. Yes we can be what ever we want to be. But first we have to meet all of the requirements so for example we have to have to aleast have a high school degree for higher quality jobs and then we have to have the right education. So its starting to seem that we are a dystopia aren`t we. In the giver they only have one system of government. Their government is made up of the Elders the most respected people in the community. The Elders carefully consider the decisions they make, to make sure that they are the best for their community. But the community does not get to vote on their leader. Our goverment is the same way except we get to vote on our President. But we have one thing in common we do not get to vote on any major decisions. In our gorvernment we can submit a request to have a law made. In The Giver they can not do

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