Dystopian Elements In Harrison Bergeron

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. Falling into the category of dystopian, “Harrison Bergeron” displays many different aspects that call forth this classification. Typically displaying characteristics such as an unnaturally dark setting, an uneasy and often oppressive atmosphere, and usually rebellion, dystopian literature portrays some of the worst possible scenarios for the future, should we continue to follow whatever path the author sees the world on. Within the story, an unsettling atmosphere that is both dark and oppressed is portrayed throughout the exposition. Descriptions of the setting and how equal the people were in that society, especially pertaining to the handicaps help tremendously in creating this form of atmosphere. Obviously an extreme case scenario, this element is brought into play through the ridiculousness of the laws and amendments that brought this society to its current place. Also, another obvious element of rebellion is portrayed in all of Harrisons actions and the descriptions of his previous actions, and although the rebellion may be small and short lived, it is still a present element that classifies “Harrison Bergeron” as a dystopian story. Thus, many elements come together within the…show more content…
Citing how the society in the story is being handicapped due to the amendments, the quote hints that the government is controlling the people and that no matter how someone may see it, that person and everyone else lacks freedom in every way. Also, recommending that dying for personal beliefs is far better than succumbing to a figures’ plans for life, it portrays exactly what Harrison did and what he received as the result of standing up for his beliefs. Thus, the sign is significant because it summarizes Harrisons actions into a powerful statement that hints at the evils ongoing in the dystopian society and how death is far better than slaving away in the conditions of the
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