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Dystopian fiction, is a very popular genre, which depicts worlds where society has broken down and generally devalues human beings. There is always a reason to write a dystopian novel. In the modern day world, there are a lot of dystopian fiction writers, for example Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Lois Lowry and etc., but one of the best dystopian fiction writers is Ray Douglas Bradbury. He wrote Fahrenheit 451, one of the most popular dystopian novels ever written. Bradbury was afraid of the technology and was against the mass-media propaganda in the USA, but it all started from the time period he lived in. Ray Bradbury’s cause for writing a dystopian novel about burning books, was the development of the technology, during his life.
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In this futuristic dystopian society, people are brainwashed with the use of television. Bradbury used the book as an example of propaganda in the USA. “Fahrenheit 451 is, for certain, a book that squarely addresses the proliferation of mass media in America,”(Weller, 2013). Fahrenheit 451 was published in 1953, right after the WWII. The USA had been massively using propaganda to increase the support for the war and to get more people to join the army. The American government in the WWII was using the same media as in the Fahrenheit 451, but more, to show how good the American army was, though more than 400,000 American soldiers died during the war. Sam Weller( 2013) insisted that Fahrenheit 451 was a book about the growing threat of mass media and technology in our world. With the development of the technology, the propaganda could be spread more easily. Bradbury was trying to hide this message in the book, as he lived through WWII and he saw the propaganda in the USA, he understood that with the development of technology(television and radio), propaganda became much more easier to spread. This is another reason why Ray Bradbury wrote the book about burning
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