Dystopian Future Research Paper

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By: Louise Odendaal, Humanitarian Brisbane
The Dark and Dystopian Future. Alexis de Tocqueville once said “When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness.” In other words, we must learn from the past and use what we know to maintain morality as the world evolves. Are the experts keeping this in mind? Recent studies suggest that they are not. With the rise of self-aware robots, temperatures and partly-human pigs we are heading towards a dark and dystopian future indeed.
Are we pulling the plug on future employment? In the article, machine self-awareness, by Larry Greenemeier the terrible truth is unveiled. Soon robots could be self-aware and have the ability to repair themselves. According to Greenemeier, “Ethical rules such as the late Isaac Asimov’s “three laws of robotics”- which essentially hold that a robot may not injure a human or allow a human to be injured- become difficult to obey once robots begin programming one another.” The experts clearly aren’t following these rules which have regulated past robot advancements. The ethics of replacing humans with machines have been overlooked as new robots are being developed with human qualities and are resistant to fatigue- unlike humans. The experts are not using what they know
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Global warming will greatly contribute to the spread of diseases. In the article, Overview of Global Warming, by Nicole Lindell it is claimed that “as northern countries warm, disease-carrying insects migrate north, carrying viruses with them that we have not yet built immunity to.” One such virus is Malaria and many of the vectors of this disease have gained resistance to the treatments currently available meaning that in the future, inevitably, the treatments will not work. The future is looking unilluminated as we are creating new problems in a world where we are barely able to solve our past problems. Nothing good has ever come from neglecting our ethics so why are the experts doing it
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