Dystopian Literature Analysis

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Dystopian literature has been a popular genre that is mostly aimed towards young adults (YA) and have been showered with much popularity especially in the recent years. Considering that works of literature mainly consists of the records of people’s values, dilemmas, thoughts and conflicts which can also be identified as a reflection of people’s experiences, a dystopian literature contains an author’s questions about the existing political and social systems. Through text, the author picturizes the possibility that something is awfully wrong with the society he or she is in. Psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung stated that humans have a “Collective Unconscious” which is a kind of universal psyche that appeared in myths and dreams. They consist of images and themes that people are…show more content…
3. To analyze Cinder’s empowerment by her own femininity that is depicted by the Hero archetypes.

1.4 Research Questions
1. What are the stages of The Hero’s Journey that Cinder went through in “The Lunar Chronicles”?
2. What are the Hero archetypes that are evident in Cinder through the Hero’s Journey in “The Lunar Chronicles”?
3. How can the Hero archetypes depict Cinder’s own female empowerment?

1.5 Significance of the Study
The study is conducted in order to identify and have a better understanding towards the stages of the Hero’s Journey when it is applied to the female protagonist, Cinder. At the same time, the Hero’s archetypes will be determined in Cinder through the Hero’s Journey. Female empowerment is vital as females are generally belittled. This study aims to give readers a whole new perspective on females also being capable to handle a male’s role.
1.6 Definition of Terms
Archetype: Universal, archaic patterns and images that derive from the collective unconscious and are the psychic complement of instinct. (Feist & Feist, 2009)

Dystopian (Genre): A thought up, futuristic universe in which oppressive societal control
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