Dystopian Novel

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A dystopia is a fictional society that is the opposite of utopia. It is usually distinguished by an controlling or totalitarian form of government, or some other kind of tyrannical social control. Dystopia has been a frequent theme of popular and literary fiction ever since in the eighteenth century. Evolving not simply as a comeback to fictional utopian concerns, but also as a response to the established or menacing ideals and politics of the writer’s time, the dystopian novel tends to use its make-believe appearance as a front to critique the ideologies under which they’ve been falsified. When it seeks to travel around political and social shortcomings, then, these books don’t tend to be shy about their revolutionary aims. Nasty revelations…show more content…
It is not adequate to show people living in an unpleasant humanity. The society must have similarities to today, of the reader's own knowledge. If the reader can identify the patterns or trends that would lead to the dystopia, it becomes a more involving and effective experience. There is usually a group of people who are not under the absolute control of the state, and in whom the hero of the novel usually puts his or her hope, although he or she still fails to change anything. In 1984 by George Orwell they are the "proles" (short for "proletariat"), in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley they are the people on the reservation and in Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, they are the "book people" past the river and outside the city. If demolition is not possible, escape may be, if the dystopia does not control the world. In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, the main character is successful in fleeing and finding people who have dedicated themselves to memorizing books to preserve…show more content…
The turn of events will catch us by surprise as Tris struggled with her own identity in a world where trust seems to be as hard to pin down as freedom.
The very same features of dystopian novels are seen in Divergent as it is created in a dystopian point of view but there exists a society far from the knowledge of a wide world the exists around and away from them. This particular society brings in the utopian idea into the novel. The society itself is divided yet united in its own way. Every individual is put under a faction that suits their nature. At the age of 16 their tests results are predicted and they choose their predetermined factions.
This society poses the typical utopian construction as it designed to be a harmonious one. But when it is closely studied it is a kind of invisible prison for the people in it. They are well guarded by their own people. They are forbidden from knowing the truth about their existence, the very reason for which they are kept in that place is out of their reach. Yet this society holds together tightly and functions as a whole. People live in peace and harmony. They do the work assigned to them with truth and honesty and also they stay true to their factions. The slogan “Faction before Blood” stays in the mind of every individual. On the outside they are put under various factions which defines their nature but the truth is that they
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