Dystopian Society And Harrison Beregeron

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Both societies were ruled by a dictator that took away their freedom. Unfortunately a society that is seeking perfection usually becomes a dystopian society. A dystopian society is a society that is dehumanizing and as unpleasant as possible. Harrison Beregeron’s world and N. Korea both shared these traits. Both societies were ruled by a dictator that took away their freedom.

In Harrison Beregeron’s story, everybody was equal. Nobody could be different from anyone else. If you were beautiful or better than anyone else they would put masks on your face. Everyone had to wear handicaps on their body if they walked differently or did anything differently from anyone else. No one was allowed to be smart and think for themselves. If anyone from their society tried to do any of these things they would go to jail for a number of years for any crime they did.
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Korea most of the people in the society were living in poverty while their dictator was rich. Everyone was taught from a young age to love their leader. North Korea has been isolated from the rest of the world so noone can leave or come the country. They have soldiers guarding the wall between North and South Korea to make sure of it. They had a room where the dictator of both North and South Korea come to talk. The souldiers had to hold each others arm very tightly to make sure no one would try to pull them to them to the other side. North Korea is very strict on their society and how they
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