Dystopian Society: Gathering Blue By Lois Lowry

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A Dystopian Society Identity is a way of fulfilling one 's purpose in life. The uniqueness of one 's personality and character defines their identity, who they truly are. One 's uniqueness is a process, the person must have enough strength and perseverance to overcome obstacles. They must be able to accept whatever mistake they do and learn from it. The person will be able to truly see their true identity once they reached a certain point of enlightenment which was either triggered by a life changing event or experiences. In the novel Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry, the people who inhabit Kira 's village live in poverty. Everyone lives in cots, that are side by side and are made of wood and comes with dirt floors. If a family does not have a man to go and hunt for food, the consequences will be that they will go hungry and grow weaker day by day. Then their neighbors will take them out to the Field and let them starve to death and then take whatever space or belongings they…show more content…
The Council has a way of keeping their people in fear of the outside world by spreading the belief that beasts exist in the forests that surrounds the village. The Council have gone out and killed people while getting the opportunity to blame it on the beast just to keep the fear of beasts strong, Kira then felt, "She felt a small shudder of fear. Fear was always a part of life for the people. Because of fear, they made shelter and found food and grew things. For the same reason, weapons were stored, waiting. There was fear of cold, of sickness and hunger. There was fear of beasts"(3). This is another way the Council instills fear and psychological manipulation to stay in power. The spread this myth of wild beast. The villagers were told that everywhere around their village are beasts, and for the same reason that the beast exist, they do not help one another. Basically everyone for themselves. When the Council hears that the villagers do not believe in the beats, they will have to
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