Dystopian Society In Elie Wiesel's Night

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In Night there are a lot of different traits of the dystopian society Elie Wiesel was in. During the reign of Adolf Hitler, Elie was taken out of his home to be put into a Concentration Camp. In the camp Elie was dehumanized, whipped, tortured, put into gas chambers, and other things. On top of that he was almost killed several (and I mean SEVERAL) times. At the beginning of the war he lost his mom and his sisters. But because his dad stayed by his side almost the whole time Elie stayed strong and lived to tell the tale. In a dystopian society, there are a lot of evil, bad people. Whether it is the people who actually started the dystopian society or like in the book Night, the people who stood by and watched what happened happen. In his dystopian society, everything that happened there became the “norm.” Killing? Norm! Fighting over food? Norm! Small rations? Norm! Basically everything is the norm. In the rule of Adolf, Jews were enslaved from a lot of places. But most of the Jews enslaved were Hungarian Jews. Unfortunately for Elie, he was a Hungarian Jew, so he was enslaved. Our society today doesn’t have things happen on that…show more content…
For example, my mom went to help the homeless at a homeless shelter out of her time. This is good in our society because it builds a strong, loving character into someone who may not be physically strong but can now be mentally. Hitler thought what he was doing was good, but it wasn’t. What he did was very bad, but his image was good. Not the super race part, but the part about a Utopia. His mind was corrupted and therefore he was corrupted and what he did was corrupted. The society today can help if the MAJORITY of the people wanted to help. Then our society would be so much better. But I can’t blame a corrupted man for doing something corrupted. If I were corrupted and in Hitler’s shoes I would have probably done the something. Not because I want to do the wrong thing, but because my mind wants me
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