Dystopian Society In The Giver

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There is no doubt the society in The Giver contrasts our own, however the similarities between the two might be startling. The dystopian environment in the Giver can be a humbling thought for how good we have it in our life. Following that trend, we are also forced to look at the horrifying similarities between these two societies. As we look at The Giver’s rules, family, and leadership we see the vast differences and also the shocking familiarities.
In The Giver it is very apparent that the rules are numerous and air tight. Interestingly, we can also see this in our own society through laws, that make our world run more smoothly. We can see strict rules in the giver on page 74, “He had never known that other books existed.”(Lowry 74). This shows the rules of the society are so oppressive to the point that the people are
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However, it is blatantly obvious that everyone has been conditioned over many years and generations to act a certain way. “He pushed the plunger very slowly, injecting the liquid into the scalp vein until the syringe was empty.”(Lowry 149). The people killing babies in The Giver do not even know that it is wrong to do so. This is also apparent in other societies around that world whose government uses propaganda. The brainwashed way these people live can be very scary to us, as it shows that governments can hide very important things from its citizens. “The rules say that if there’s a third transgression, he simply must be released.” (Lowry 9). We often hear the expression three strikes and you are out, however in their society that takes on a whole new meaning. When a person in The Giver messes up three times they are killed. The government in The Giver sets such strict rules it's no wonder the citizens lack individuality. Thus, it is comforting to know that we have morality greater than
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