Dystopian Themes In The Hunger Games By Harrison Bergeron

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Lies. Fears. Death. These are all the characteristics of a dystopian society. Dystopian literature are stories that is set in the future and involves a society with dystopian themes, such as flaws and rebels. Studying dystopian literature helps us understand that we need to accept diversity, make sure violence isn’t used as a solution and entertainment, and also to start watching and controlling our impact on the environment. To start off, in our society right now we need to make sure that we are able to accept diversity. For example, Harrison Bergeron tells the story about a teen boy named Harrison who fights against the government to start a revolution that will allow people to use their unique strengths and the text states “... he didn’t get very far with it before another…show more content…
For instance, The Hunger Games tells the story about a future where children aged 12-18 have to fight against each other to the death to benefit their district, but there can only be one winner and the text states “... despair, poverty, hunger… and T.V. A huge in the heart of this town square, where 2,000 townspeople just watched the horrific death, live and in color. Their eyes blank, lifeless”(2). The explanation towards this evidence proves that our society needs to change the use of violence as a solution and entertainment because as seen using violence as a solution to everything causes the people to feel numb and have no light in their eyes. The only result then is a population filled with people who are lifeless and seem to have no purpose in doing anything. This would not be good because the society would not go anywhere in improving their community, which is something that should be done to have better society filled with happiness. Restating, our society should change the use of inflicting pain as an answer to the problem and entertainment
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