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E – Business Management

Introduction In general, e-business management contributes positively on the overall growth and development of Fabcom. E-business management activities usually generate a multiplier effect across many of the departments of the company, as well as providing a wider platform for greater and enhanced inter-and intra-sectoral linkages. E-business management therefore opens up the potentials for the development of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), thereby benefiting the majority of the population. The construction of such a business solution I am going to present in the following lines.
Structure of the web page In order to be able to carry out the business activities, the web site should have some mandatory
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The next screen is a pro forma invoice. At the bottom, there is a link "Printer". From there, customers can print a copy of the proforma. A copy of the pro-forma invoice is sent to the mail client and the mail administrator is sent a request to the products. Then, the client has the last chance to terminate the application or send it. If the chosen method of payment is with credit cards, the next screen may be the entry point of the bank where the payment is effected by credit card.
Analysis of the administrative part
The e-shop is designed to cover a large part of the requirements of the users of such products. Set is a multi-user structure for users with different access levels and different rights. This enables the creation of users, system administrator, site administrator and buyers from different groups. The presentation of the goods is with catalog of products sorted by category.
The administrator has the opportunity to make a brief and detailed description of the goods to attach images to the product documentation in PDF and DOC. Each item may have a cost for different user groups, and to set discounts for different methods of payment. The e-shop supports payment with credit cards Visa and MasterCard, which is in line with the modern methods of
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Be warned however, that these types of total solutions can be limiting in that you may not have a choice of payment gateways, and that high traffic Web sites may have additional hosting fees to pay. Usually, when setting up a storefront account you will pay a one-time set-up fee then pay monthly, based on a selected plan often with predetermined bandwidth, limits to the number of products you can list, or a set number of monthly transactions.
Once you weigh in all options, a merchant will need to have a merchant account, some type of shopping cart interface, and an account with a payment gateway to accept credit card and online payments on their Web site. With the electronic commerce industry growing by the day, so it seems, merchants can choose from a variety of software providers and third-party vendors to create a system that best suits their online business needs.
This study shows that. Even without significant deliberate effort on part of the store owners nothing much could be achieved. It is all part of the store establishment and as such must be managed with care – as the store becomes disposable of personal, as well as of financial data. Besides, a lot more can also be done, however it all depends on the efforts of the

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