E-Business Model Of Tesco

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Electronic business (e-business) can be defined as the use of the internet to network and empower business processes, electronic commerce, organizational communication and collaboration within a company and with its customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. E-businesses utilise the internet, intranets, extranets and other networks to support their commercial processes (Colin Combe, 2006). Companies go online to engage in advertising, buying and selling of products and services. Due to the increased competitiveness in the hypermarket industry, the adoption of e-business has helped companies gain a competitive edge over their peers in terms of reduced costs, increased revenue streams and greater customer satisfaction. Operational costs such…show more content…
1.2. Objective and Scope of the Report The main objective of this study is to examine the important and advantages for Tesco in using e-business strategy to compete with competitors. It also includes on how Tesco could satisfied their customer needs or demands adequately with their e-business strategy and how Tesco could improve their current model and make it even better. In this report, the writer will explain the background of Tesco, purpose, benefit, the shortcomings and the impact on its business by using e-business strategy, as well as the developments in the strategies and business models of online supermarket retailing. The preceding section on objective set the basic scope of this report. These studies are limiting the scope to the benefit of using e-business strategy at Tesco and the impact of its business. The reasons behind the limitations are to maintain a focus on the…show more content…
The purpose of every e-business is to utilize technology in a way that enhances communication and the company 's profitability. By deploying the technologies such as internet, World Wide Web, and wireless communications has offered many opportunities for innovative e-businesses to be created based on new approaches to business. Innovation in e-business is relentless, with the continuous introduction of new technologies, new business models and new communications approaches. So all organizations have to review new electronic and Internet-based communications approaches for their potential to make their business more competitive and also manage ongoing risks such as security and performance. E-business is more than having a website for the business. Using e–business technologies can make the administrative and operational activities more efficient and effective. Tesco has implemented e-business strategy in their retail business which is the main focus in on customers side to make the transaction between Tesco and customers becomes easier and can give better services to

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