E-Business: The Advantages And Disadvantage Of Online Marketing

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While in an e-business, a place for selling is not a disadvantage instead it is an advantage in the part of the seller for he/she will not pay for any rent, just the use of the Internet, he/she can still accommodate the same number of buyers (Kung,n.d.). It mainly depend on shipping methods to deliver and receive items which argued by many that shipping is the downfall of online business because of its additional costs and a lot of possible delays in delivery.
Although Internet helps companies to be reachable at anytime, in the end there’s always a difference of stepping into the store than clicking on computer when shopping but this can be exhausting and stressful at the same time. Nevertheless, online shoppers can search the planet for the
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This is in terms of the promotion, another element in selling products, which tells the effectiveness in advertising the product to the potential customers. During the time where Internet is not yet that popular, we can learn a business or service through newspapers, mail service, television, yellow pages, magazines, or radio. Traditional marketing uses static text or advertising commercials to promote a product (Mcrill, D.,n.d.). These are the ways used by the companies so as to reach its audience base. With its limited reach, it has limited exposure to potential buyers, though, it might not be labeled as ineffective but it is still attempting to reach a very small audience. Also, it is more expensive and requires more investment of time for product promotion. Publishing ads to match your product takes a long time thus speed matters when promoting one’s product. For, traditional business is the simplest and the know way of doing business which includes no electronic media and where the handing do include the manual work (What is the difference between traditional business system and e-business?, n.d.). This could end up as a disadvantage, especially with the rapid increase in Internet

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