E Cigarette Research Paper

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The e-cigarette was first invented in 2003 in Beijing, China by a man named Hon Lik, he is a 52 year old pharmacist, inventor and smoker. He got the idea of the electronic cigarette after his father whom was a heavy smoker, past-away from lung cancer .An e-cigarette is an electronic smoking device that is a battery- powered vaporizer which has a similar feel to tobacco smoking. This type of cigarette does not contain tobacco but has nicotine which is addictive from tobacco plants. The electronic cigarette does not produce smoke like a normal cigarette but produce vapour. The vapour is conducted by a heating element inside the device which heats up the liquid put in the devices. This liquid is called e-liquid. E-liquid is a mixture of: glycerine propylene nicotine flavouring Cigarettes where made in the 9th century by Mexicans in Central America. It was first used for religious purpose by the Mayans and the Aztecs. The cigarettes were later introduced to the French in 1845. They had given it the name “Cigarette”. The French started manufacturing the cigarettes which resulted into them creating a cigarette-making machine. There are numerous amounts of ingredients in a normal cigarette than there is in an e-cigarette. A cigarette contains dried tobacco plants which are broken up into…show more content…
However, by articles saying that it does not contain tobacco but nicotine contradicts its self because it will still give the same affect that a traditional cigarette with tobacco.. Although it contains nicotine it seems not to be as harmful as a traditional cigarette would. The long term health results do not seem to show the same symptoms as of a traditional cigarette would

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