E-Cigarettes Informative Speech

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E-cigarettes are a fairly new technology that many people would like to know about. People want this information so that they know what they are getting themselves into. Also some people might want to know if it will help them quit smoking. E-cigarettes are a healthy and safe way to stop smoking. E-cigarettes are healthier than regular cigarettes. E-cigarettes do not have nicotine in it allowing it to not be addicting, unlike cigarettes. Also E-cigarettes can be used as a method to quit smoking. Unlike regular cigarettes, E-cigs do not contain tobacco, can get someone addicted and it will turn into a bad habit. Although many states have been claimed about E-cigs containing dangerous chemicals, people do not get hooked to this lowering…show more content…
E-cigs have been a growing popularity all over the world. However, many young people smoke E-cigs. In Canada E-cigs that contain nicotine are illegal to sell. Still people are prohibited to smoke E-cigs in public places. In many states in order to sell E-cigarettes a permit or retail license is required.E-cigarettes have been regulated since 2009, until it was passed on to the FDA. Eventually, FDA finalized a rule that states E-cigarettes are not allowed to be sold in vending machines and people under the age of 18 cannot but a E-cigarette. Ultimately, E-cigs were a big and unknown thing but eventually people were able to set regulations. There are many benefits that comes with E-cigarettes. When people buy E-cigarettes it is optional to include nicotine. This option can help an addict with withdrawal towards actual cigarettes. If more people get E-cigarettes without nicotine it can decrease the amount of deaths caused by cigarettes. So far there aren’t any long-term risks that come with E-cigs. Also there is no evidence that can prove E-cigs are a gateway towards cigarettes. Also E-cigs can relieve stress without causing damage to the body. Obviously E-cigarettes are a safe substance, it’s the nicotine that make people think it is
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