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Chapter I: Introduction 1.1. Background Traditionally, commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services; with the changing information technologies and their advancement commerce has evolved from “brick and mortar” to “bricks and clicks”(Kalakota & Whinston, 1996). Electronic commerce refers to the exchange of goods and services electronically. A variety of applications such as electronic mail, fax, online catalogs and shopping carts, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), File Transfer Protocol, and Web services are required to conduct an efficient e-commerce activity(Ketel & Mark, 2005). The trendsthat have been induced by the developments on the field of information and communication technology have presented both prospects and challenges…show more content…
The first section gives introduction and overview of the research. It highlights the problems that have led to the need of the research. It also explains the objectives of the research. The second section supports the research with the theoretical framework that leads to the conclusion of the research. It then presents with literature review which is a briefsummary of the similar researches done in the past. The literature review provides strong evidence that the factors have decelerated growth of the ecommerce.The methods used, objectives, findings, and contribution of past researchers is presented in this section. Moreover it puts lights on the gaps of those researches. The model used in the research is also explained in this section. The conceptual framework upon which the research is based on is also there in this section. The third section explains the methodology used in the research. It explains the research plan and design carried out during the research. The sources of data are also mentioned in this section. It also clarifies how sampling and data collections are performed for this research. The tools used and analysis plan is also mentioned in this section. The fourth section highlights on the method of data analysis and their interpretation. The presentation of the final output is accompanied by the tables and descriptions of the findings after the analysis had been made. The last section will provide the summary, conclusion and the implication of the

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