E-Commerce Influence On Youtube

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Influence of E-Commerce on YouTuber’s

Youtubers make money by employing product placement in their videos which means that the audience is being influenced through “deliberate and subtle insertion of a product into media entertainment”. Popular, and thus influential, Youtubers get sent products by companies who pay for the product to be featured in the video. In 2012, YouTube's revenue from its ads program was estimated at $3.7 billion. Next to this, there is a recent development where popular Youtubers are crossing over to traditional media outlets, making money with radio shows and book deals.

Research Question
How to make your channel more subscribed?
The people upload videos on YouTube with these intentions that their knowledge will
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Today, people do not need to go out to find a job, they can do their work from home. Well YouTube is also the part of social media which provides more relief to its vloggers (who make their videos and post it on YouTube) in the sense of income. However, today mostly the youth is more interacting with the social media and making good money as well. However, YouTube channels, blogs, websites, and hundreds of other platforms in social media are host to self-created content that has become popular among most Internet users, and monetized so that audiences are able to become consumers. There are lots of cases happen, where people left their jobs and prefer to work on the YouTube for full time and they are making lot more money as compare to the income they were getting before. The most prolific users of media are children, youth, and young adults. A study conducted in 2008 found that 74% of children ages 8-18 in the United States had their own internet access (Roberts & Foehr, 2008). It clearly states that today doing business through media is very easy and more…show more content…
Producing content with a consistent quality, topic, and schedule will help to define the market and potential audience for the channel. In addition, this research has an impact on the business community. It is truly important for academic researchers and business leaders to take notice of the online video industry as it grows, develops, and changes. I believe that a relationship between creators, traditional business people, and academics through the study of the digital space benefits all the parties
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