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Education is considered to be the foundation stone for development of every individual. This is meant to equalize opportunities for everyone including, poor, rich, people living in rural areas and people living in urban areas and women living in every corner of the world, and also it helps in developing nations in particular. The people living in rural and urban areas should have equal opportunity to enjoy the fruits of modern education. In this context, modern technology plays vital role in propagation of education from existing resources to each and every part of the world crossing all the geographical boundaries and social barriers. Presently, e-learning has been playing a vital role in enhancing the learning and teaching abilities.
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In the present era, majority of the universities, organisations, multi - nation companies adopted different kinds of e - learning within learning system. E-learning is in use in different forms such as online learning, distance learning, technology-based learning, web-based learning, and computer-based learning, it is not intended to replace conventional methods of training, its aim is to create an augmented learning environment where technology is used to deliver a combined range of teaching techniques aimed at maximiszing the individuals’ participation in the learning process. The term e-learning comprises a lot more than online learning, virtual learning, distributed learning, networked or web-based learning. As the letter “e” in e-learning stands for the word “electronic” , e-learning incorporates all educational activities that are carried out by individuals or groups working online or offline, and synchronously or asynchronously via networked or standalone computers and other electronic devices, such as ipods, ipads, tablets and android mobiles. With the advent of android operating system in mobiles, e – learning is familiarised almost every individual unknowingly. Everybody is learning something by logging in to google, youtube, everybody is involving in discussion by taking part in social networks such as…show more content…
In Synchronous model learners and instructor are logged on at the same time and communicate directly and virtually with each other, in this model all the learners should be in the classroom at a certain time for the class to begin. Synchronous e - learning events include, live web-casts, chat rooms, application sharing, and whiteboard sessions. In asynchronous model of eLearning, the communication between participants does not occur simultaneously, the learning content or courseware is served from a web server and delivered on demand to the learners’ workstation, learners can take courses at own pace. Courseware is available round the clock to learners. Asynchronous e – learning model is mostly used multi nation companies, and other organisations. This model is flexible and cost effective to the organisations. Examples of this model includes; taking a self-paced course, posting messages to a discussion group. This is also called distributed learning and it receives more attention because of its lower cost of development, reusability, and convenience to the learner as well as
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