E. M. Forster's The Machine Stops

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Imagine living in a world where a person can see it all ending right in front of them. If people don’t moderate and control their use of technology, it will be the end of everything they have come to know. “The Machine Stops”, a story written by E.M. Forster, talks about what he thinks the future of people is. In the story, all of the people live alone in their identical rooms, each of them are hexagonal shapes, just like bee hives. Not just that, but they are completely controlled by technology. The rooms are part of an enormous machine controlling the people. They are all isolated from each other, having no physical contact whatsoever. The story ends with the machine destroying everyone and everything around it. The story is foreshadowing that technology is taking over the meaning in people’s lives, destroying their world, and taking people away from each other. Technology is taking away the meaning of people 's lives by distracting them from the real world and decreasing their intellect. Firstly, technology is distracting people from everything that matters in the real world. Anytime something important happens in the world, technology covers it up. An example of this is when there was a shooting in Texas. Instead of everyone following up on that and worrying from it, everyone was focusing on Kim Kardashian’s news. Secondly, there is a lot of proof of technology decreasing people’s intellect. In “The Machine Stops”, no one knows how to fix the machine. Years and years
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