E. Margaret Burbidge: The Hubble Telescope

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E. Margaret Burbidge was born in Davenport, England on August 12, 1919. Her parents were Marjorie and Stanley Peachey. Margaret first became interested in astronomy when she was on a boat and got sick. She and her mother went to the deck and looked at the stars to get her mind off of being sick. She also liked astronomy because she liked math and large numbers. When Margaret went to college at the University of London she fell in love with and married Geoff Burbidge who was also studying astronomy. She earned her bachelor 's degree and then went on to earn her Ph.D. Margaret Burbidge worked hard for her accomplishments, but it was not easy for her because women weren 't accepted in the astronomy field.

Dr. Burbidge began her career
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It has sent thousands of images back that have solved big mysteries in space. It has also caught some really cool things on video. Recently, it caught a huge star bigger than the sun explode on camera. It is one of NASA’s longest lasting and successful projects. The Hubble Telescope is used to send videos and images back to earth to help NASA find more discoveries.

Margaret Burbidge has had a major impact on woman being accepted in the field of astronomy. She has been the director of the Royal Greenwich Observatory. She was the first women to ever be the president of the American Astronomical Society. Dr. Burbidge has also won many awards including the Albert Einstein World Award and the National Medal of Science. Her life has influenced the life of many other women astronomers.

Margaret Burbidge’s love for astrology began at an early age and still continues today. She has worked hard and achieved many accomplishments in the field of astrology, and is one of the greatest woman astronomers to ever live. Her work on the B²FH theory has become the base for much of the research done in astrophysics. She has helped identify many things in outer space such as quasars. Her work on the Hubble telescope helped make the Hubble one of NASA’s most successful projects. She has influenced many women 's lives in the world of science and has helped more women become astronomers. Today, Dr. Burbidge is retired, but is still
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