E-Portfolio Advantages And Disadvantages

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e- Portfolio For decades, students have been completing assignments in school. Often, these were seen only by the teacher, graded and returned to the student. Sometimes, the work was posted on a classroom wall or in a school hallway. Many teachers kept portfolios of student work for report card conferences, and the rare teacher taught students how to build their own portfolios from their work. With more and more schools going paperless or migrating to the "cloud", student work has become more easily shareable, accessible by many, and more easily organized. Many teachers have turned to digital portfolios -- or "e-portfolios" -- for their students. These digital portfolios have caused a huge shift in how teachers assign, collect and assess student…show more content…
They can be cited as follows: 1. Self-learning methodology that is available in the nature of the development files depends on the maturity and motivation of the student. For this reason it may not be convenient for the all types of learning styles. 2. If the teachers do not direct the students enough about reflection and not support them, students cannot be sure about how to make reflections and this can cause shyness. 3. Development files consist of both process and product. If necessary time is not spent on the process of development files, the resulting product (outcome) will be poor. In this respect, development files are time consuming. 4. If the necessary software, hardware and devices are easily obtained to create electronic development files, it can be costly for a person to obtain them by himself/herself. 5. Creating electronic development files requires technological knowledge and skills. Some pupils might not have the technical know-how and consequently feel overchallenged. 6. Preparation process of electronic development files can sometimes be and annoying. 7. Creating electronic development files takes time.
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