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Director Steven Spielberg changed the course of the Sci-Fi/Adventure genre by making the movie E.T. the Extra Terrestrial in the year 1982. Steven Spielberg introduced a new style of storytelling in E.T. revolving around young teens, which is still being used in current day movies and Television series. Without E.T. the movie industry would not have start to produce as many Sci-Fi/Adventure movies and TV shows as they did after the release and success of E.T. Aside from production rate,

Fig : 1
It is undeniable that Steven Spielberg is an exceptional genius when it comes to creating Science Fiction and Adventure (usually linked) themed films. He is proven on and on again that he can attract mass audiences around the world to
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, Steven Spielberg , 1982 – fig: 1.3

Lastly, E.T. helped to raise the standards of visual effects incorporation in live action movies. George Lucas is another clear example of a pioneer who pushed the boundaries of visual effects in movies by making Star Wars: A new hope (1977). However, Spielberg introduced a whole new world opportunities in terms of visual effects incorporation in live-action films. This happened through the magnificent usage of visual effects in E.T. and it inspired more filmmakers to take more usage of visual effects in movies.

E.T. provided a more realistic visual effects look than audiences had seen on the silver screen before with live action films. Besides the three other academy awards that E.T. won in 1983 , it won the ‘best visual effects’ award due to its significance.
Visual effects artists Dennis Muren and Carlo Rambaldi were the heads of the VFX team.
The most iconic shot involving visual effects in E.T. is the shot of E.T. and Elliot flying across the moon. Muren scouted location to find a spot where the moon would be at its lowest among trees and then puppets were used to mimic characters and the surroundings were recreated using Visual
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