The Extra-Terrestrial: Movie Analysis

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E.T the Extra-Terrestrial is a science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg, and written by Melissa Mathison. This movie was first released on June 11, 1982 by Universal Pictures. It tells the story of a stranded extraterrestrial who is later befriended by Elliott, a lonely boy. who with the help of his siblings will help him get back home. I picked this movie because since the first time I saw it I really liked it and it's always being one of those movies you never get bored of watching no matter how many times you see it. Another reason why I picked and love this movie so much is because I’ve always being a fan of the idea that there is life outside of what we already know.

The movie starts off when a group of aliens trip to earth
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Right from the start we can classify this movie as a science fiction because of the characteristics. In this case we have an alien society meaning it has life from another world other than earth. Knowing this we can say E.T which is an alien can be classified as a science fictional character. The setting also helps because even though it doesn't take place in space they do make us believe at some point the setting of the movie did take place in space. The movie also has some symbols like the geraniums and the heart light. The geraniums make various appearances throughout the movie to symbolize life and resurrection. For example when Gertie first gives E.T the flowers, they are basically dead. When E.T’s alone with the geraniums he looks at them and they bloom back to life. The red light in E.T’s chest represents understanding and shared feelings. Basically his chest lights up four times throughout the movie. First when they first get to earth and they are analyzing the flowers and suddenly all their hearts light up meaning it's time to leave, the second time is when E.T is left behind by the ship, the third time is when he is almost dead in the hospital and the heart lights up meaning that his family is coming to get him, and last when it's time to say goodbye to Elliot, throughout all of those scenes the red light can also represent
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