E-Textbooks Advantages And Disadvantages

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Due to the technological advancement, electronic textbooks have become a neoteric learning method. In the past few years, an issue which always raises strong opinions on both sides of the argument is the use of electronic textbooks (e-Textbooks) in learning. In this essay, the advantages and drawbacks of the using e-Textbooks will be discussed.

E-textbooks facilitate the study progresses between students and teachers anytime. First, students tend to study eagerly and effectively because computers are multi-functional and providing latest learning performances. Generally students are attracted by the special features of the e-books; they become more engaged and attentive when reading (Grace, Koch and Shepard, 2008). Second, teachers are able
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One of the drawbacks is e-Textbooks require special digital devices or computers. E-textbooks are highly relying on other equipment; insufficient electrical supply may affect the performance of the e-textbooks and class progress. For example, there are limited power outlets in a classroom to ensure uninterrupted use of e-Books in the classroom (Ali, Embong, Hashimand, Noor and Shaari, 2012). Additionally, schools may need to deal with the economic hardships due to the use of e-textbooks. One of the difficulties that suggested by Cheyne and Maynard (2005) is schools need to afford the computer…show more content…
Their functionality and portability are definitely the benefits that enhance students’ study performance. Students become eagerly involved with books and motivate them to explore more about different topics by using the multi-functional e-Textbooks. Some people think that it is not easy for every student to enjoy the functions of e-Textbooks since the cost of e-Textbooks is expensive. Will e-Textbooks eventually replace traditional print textbooks? Now, it is difficult to come to a conclusion. Nevertheless, I positively believe that traditional print textbooks will continue to play an essential role in the education of students for many years to come. Traditional print textbooks present some merits over e-Textbooks that cannot be challenged. Students’ learning and reading skills can be bettered if they are under a package of print and electronic educational materials. No matter is print or electronic tools, the core aspect is that students continue to enjoy the happiness of studying and explore treasures through

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