Unit 5 E2 Health And Social Care Essay

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E2 Key Factors which Impact the Work Practice Organisation

Prepared by Margaret Mills

For Work Practice QQI level 5 Assignment

Evaluate the impact of globalisation, and new technology and science on the Work Practice organisation

St Mary’s hospital is not a global organisation it is a local statuary organisation. It is government funded and run by the Health Service Executive. There are a number of nursing homes in Europe one which I looked at was as follows;
Dutch students can live in nursing homes rent-free (as long as they keep the residents company. Ninety two year old Johanna beams at the twenty year-old stepping into her room. Not a visiting grandson, but rather a housemate at her retirement home. Town planning student Jurrien is one of six who have chosen to live in the yellow-brick home in Deventer in the eastern Netherlands as part of a unique project that benefits everyone. The university students pay no rent and in exchange spend at least 30 hours a month with some of the 160 elderly who live here, doing the things professional staff cannot always do such as just hanging out, doing messages or keeping the clients company.
This is not available in Ireland maybe it could benefit
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One of the reasons for immigration is better pay and working conditions abroad compared to Ireland. With cut backs to the health service nurses here are underpaid and overworked. At the moment a lot of Irish hospitals rely on nurses and doctors from abroad and this is a problem especially with language, especially for our older generation as they find it difficult to communicate with people from the ethnic community. Also other staff members can find this is a problem if our co workers don’t have good English. At the moment the HSE are offering attractive packages for Irish nurses to return home to work in Hospitals
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