ECS 306 Weekly Reflection

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ECS 306 Weekly Evaluation Reflection 1. What were the “Big Ideas” of today’s class? Review Natural & logical consequence worksheets, build a great relationship with our children: help the children to feel like they belong, and explore authoritarian parenting style of caregiving: role playing. 2. On a scale of 0-4 evaluate your level of participation involvement in class? 0 1 2 3 4 0=not at all/absent, 1=somewhat, 2=adequately, 3=to a large extent, 4=close to the greatest extent possible HOW DID YOU PARTICIPATE IN TODAY’S CLASS??? 3. Preparation for class: (read, observations, assignments completed, etc.) Your Level of Preparation (low) 0 1 2 3 4 (high) 4. Large Group Activity: lecture, discussion,…show more content…
How can you use this information with children? Scenario 1: The child is trying to communicate while craning her/his neck to look up at the parent, towering above the child, looks down at the child while she/he speaks. This is the experience young children have all too commonly. I have realized that this situation does not encourage meaningful conversation, which is the basis for speech and language development. The child felt rejected, worthless and withdrawn. As a parent, I felt disconnected with my child. I also felt selfish because I only concerned with my own interests, needs, and wishes while ignoring my child’s. Scenario 2: I felt connected with my child. As a parent, I made an effort to be at my child’s eye level. I showed my child a sign of respect and consideration, as well as an indication that I really want to listen to what he/she have say. I have also learned an important lesson. We never get the opportunity back for each time the parent pushes the child away. I should try my best to acknowledge the child’s feelings and meet the child’s interests, needs and wishes at any time. 6. Experiential Activity: (game, activity, hands-on, role-playing) Topics/Titles: Giant: Explore authoritarian parenting style Your Level of Participation (low) 0 1 2 3 4
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