ED 5810 Unit 1 Assignment 1

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Application Data

Admittedly, it’s difficult to put together a proper list of deficiencies in regard to the course. ED 5810 was an exceptionally well-built, well-organized presentation of skills that had provided its students with considerable insight in regards to managing capacity. I do however feel that there is room for improvement based on a sole consideration: confusion based on lack of experience.
Through a good deal of the course room I had to depend on many of my peer’s personal experience to carry me through the learning despite all the time I placed in the class and it’s learning. That’s not to say that the course room was poorly handled, merely that it may be more difficult for those without a set amount of experience in management.
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Mostly through simple presentations regarding the basics of the lesson. It could be potentially said that multimedia was under used to better provide examples and learning to the students. For example, incorporating multimedia into discussing risk management (one of the unit subjects), what could potentially happen and how you could prepare in advance would certainly help the student better understand the content they’re working with.


While working on assignments, some better pre-done examples might be beneficial to the course room learning. Not just the template explanations but actual instructor approved write ups of the assignment. Preferably selected from former students who showed exemplar understanding of content so that learners can have examples on their current level to help with the assignments.


Discussions may need to be altered to incorporate the new information being provided. Not so much how you would use the information provided, but why and would it fit into your particular project. The discussion summary may also contain reminders of the examples and expectations from the assignments which is something easily

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