ED Patient Scenarios

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Scenario: A patient has arrived at the Emergency Department, after being asses by the doctor that doctor has learned that Jane Doe, age 47 is experiencing chest pains and shortness of breath, vomiting and coughing. The doctor on shift orders a routine Chest x-ray, after some abnormal findings the doctor has decided to also forgo a routine Chest CT. You are sitting in the tech area when the requisition pops up for a Routine Chest W/O CT. You grab the order and proceed to the CT room to prep and set up for the upcoming ED patient. You make sure that the CT machine is warmed up if you have not performed a scan in a while, select the patient and appropriate protocol (Chest Routine W/O), then check to make sure there are clean linens on the scanner table and that the…show more content…
You then go to your work station and preform your first set of images, the scout images. These determine if you have the right centering to get the anatomy of interest in the FOV. The algorithm set has already determined the right slice thickness of 3.75mm. Once your scout images are done, you notice there is the appropriate anatomy from sternal notch to adrenal glands included. You then go forward with your scan for the second round of images that include the sagittal and coronal, and you adjust them by making sure the FOV is from tissue to tissue if there is unwanted black space in your box. After all images are complete you make sure to send the images through PACS by ending the exam. You then move the table out of the gantry, and help the patient up and make sure they do not feel dizzy or sick then help them to their locked wheelchair. You then bring them back to the Emergency Department, then arrive back at the tech area to scan all appropriate paperwork into PACS and bring the patient to “taken” though

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