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Every company divides its way of working into several branches for example there is the business branch, the accounting branch, and the HR branch. The EGY puppy company runs the HR branch in a different way other than any other company. HR is a sector that structures the employees society, business segment, or economy. The company's process of HR for them is by finding, hiring, training, and keeping employees. The CEO of EGY puppy company starts finding employees by using the HR sector, they find employees because they are the responsible team for finding employees so whenever they need and kind of employee at any type if job in their company they first start to make advertisements in newspaper and magazines, they sometimes paste a board…show more content…
In order for the company to be successful it must be helpful from any kind of sectors in the company even if it is from the employee himself, so EGY puppy have a regular training program for those who need it especially for the sales department because it is the department that is responsible for communicating the customers into the shop so whenever there are new products there are also some main important sessions that show the employees the way of dealing with this product, the ingredients and all the needed material that is for the sales departments there is also a theatrical training and on the job training whether it's for sales or any other kind of departments. A lot of companies fire a lot of employees that work for them some are fired because they deserve and some fire for some trifle unreasonable thing but EGY puppy are not convinced of following this way they actually prefer much more to enhance their employees because they believe in a concept that is to use all their resources to help them and they also believe in a different concept that they believe in that they should never fire an employee before using any outside or inside resources to help

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