EM Shielding Advantages And Disadvantages

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The popularity and rise in applications of electronic devices may be a cause of electromagnetic (EM) environmental pollution [1-4]. While EM fields are needed for many electrical instruments to operate, they can wreak havoc on the operation of other nearby electrical devices. In addition, some studies exhibit that EM radiation can harm human health [5-7]. A simple solution to overcome these problems is to provide EM shielding via coating the sensitive electronics parts or EM radiation sources by an EM shield layer. EM shielding is the process of reducing EM field or radiation in order to isolate sensitive apparatus, especially the critical components from electric and magnetic fields. EM shield causes discontinuity in the path of EM waves…show more content…
There are several key parameters in producing EM wave absorber materials which needed to be taken into consideration, such as the weight, thickness, filler content, types of filler, environmental resistance and mechanical…show more content…
On the other hand, carbon fibers (CFs) have been widely used as reinforcements and even EM interference suppressors, because they have low density, exquisite mechanical and excellent EM shielding properties [13-15]. Based on these backgrounds, magnetite coatings on carbon fibers is a potential way to further enhance the EM shielding properties of carbon fibers. Magnetite have been successfully coated on many different substrates by a variety of deposition techniques such as sputtering [16] hydrothermal [17], molecular beam epitaxy [18] chemical bath technique [19], etc. Although these methods offer good control over film thickness, morphology, crystallinity and purity, they require costly equipment and consume considerable amounts of energy. The aqueous solution-based ED method can be performed at a relatively low temperature and low cost. Moreover, thickness and morphology of deposited magnetite film can be easily controlled [20]. Even though electrodiposition method is described as a very simple, cheap and non-vacuum based process, the physical properties of obtained coating layer is strongly influenced by the parameters of the electrolytic deposition [20,21]. There are two

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