Case Study: EMIS Change Management Plan

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1 EMIS CHANGE MANAGEMENT PLAN 1.1 Introduction to Change Management Plan EMIS Change Management Plan will provide guidelines for change management in EMIS project: approach of the project team to manage changes, what constitutes changes, which changes will be handled by project team and which changes will be referred to change control board, roles and responsibilities of the change control board, and overall framework of change management to be followed in project. Change requests initiated, whether by stakeholders or project team, are expected to follow the rules in this change management plan and follow procedures for submission and approval of changes provided in this plan. 1.2 Approach for Change Management The approach for change management…show more content…
The approach will ensure no unnecessary changes from occurring that may deviate project from track and burden on constraints and resources. 1.3 Elements constituting changes for EMIS project The project team may receive diverse numerous change request in project. Depending on nature and impact of changes proposed; approval of changes, communication to stake holders, updating relevant project documents and plans and its implementation will differ to cater to nature of each change request. The changes can be broadly categorized as: • Scope changes: inevitable changes to scope required due to unforeseen requirements that were not in baseline. This will impact other project constraints: cost, time and quality. Project team must ensure to avoid bad changes to scope such as gold plating and scope creep. • Changes to Schedule: change request having impact on project schedule. These may comprise employment of schedule compression such as crashing, fast tracking or rebase lining the project schedule depending on significance for…show more content…
EMIS Project Sponsor: The Sponsor will chair all meetings and review all the proposed change request, approve, reject or requesting for additional information for proposed changes put forward to CCB. 2. EMIS Project Manager: Receive all change requests for the project and maintain change log. Conduct analysis in terms of impact on scope, cost, time and quality prior to submitting request for approval to CCB. The project manager must attend all CCB meetings and provide information regarding project as of date. The project manager will document results and update relevant project plans and documents and devise strategy for implementation of approved changes. In case a change does not impact any base line, the Project Manager has the authority to make decision on proposed changes. 3. EMIS team/ Stake holders: initiate and submit request as per the guidelines in this change management plan on the standard change request form. He/ She must all provide information required by Project Manager/ CCB for decision making. Provide feedback on effectiveness of actions taken in line with approved
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