ENC1102 Reflective Essay

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Throughout this semester, I have had many struggle when it came down to doing an assignment for ENC1102. When it comes down to my growth, I have noticed throughout my papers that various struggle I had in the past, are now not as difficult for me. One of the main examples of this is being able to clearly state my thesis. The thesis statement has always been an issue for me because I never really knew how to get my point across clearly through a thesis statement. When doing the proposal, I had to figure out how to properly state my thesis and have it linked into the rest of the paper. When working on the proposal, I had to rewrite my thesis many times until it was able to relate to the audience and purpose of my paper. Another way that ENC1102 has helped me with my struggles has been to be able to go deeper into explaining my points. Whenever I had points I had to make in an essay or any work for my classes, I have…show more content…
Before ENC1102, I was not very knowledgeable in the category of citations, because I did not really use them much before this class. When doing the source evaluations, I learned how to be able to find valid sources for my research project and be able to integrate it into my work. To be able to properly execute my web article, I needed to be able to find sources and integrate them into my paper, via hyperlink. Before this class, I was not very proficient in citing work into my work. The video project was also a different twist on the way to reach an audience. It made us have to think in a different way to be able to get our point across. It was a good way to be able to look at it from a different perspective and challenge our previous thoughts on how to reach a purpose and audience. With this, I feel I was able to better to reach and audience and be able to state my purpose better, since the video was able to accomplish getting me to be able to approach a purpose in a different
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