ENG102 Week 1 Assignment Analysis

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First of all, when students are looking for their classes on their own it becomes tough to find an adequate class or instructor/teacher for them. Every teacher has his/her own way to teach and that’s what makes the difference or interest of students to learn in an appropriate way.
One topic I want to bring on is about the textbook (Everything is an Argument) as a student it comes to a point where you hope to do a great use of what we put in when we get enrolled in college. For example, some teachers required students to buy an expensive book from the bookstore just because it goes with the class. Some students actually buy those books for their classes, some students rent them from the bookstore and other students get them from online retailers, which is less expensive. However, not all the teachers take topics from the books after the semester start neither during the semester. There is no point to buy books if the teacher is not going to take topics from there and there is no reason for students to buy a textbook and spent money that could have a better use of.
Having a textbook and actually using it in this class (ENG102) was very
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Having a combination of what we learn since day one through all the semester and adding all or some of the topics on future projects was an outstanding way to keep learning not only the previous topics but the new ones we touch during school time. Sharing in class our progression was awesome because it showed us how behind or ahead we were with our work, but the most important the extra help or feedback we got from other students. I personally think it was worth the time we spent in class since I always went home after each day of class knowing that I had learned something knew in my life and that I will be using in my
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