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EOG Resources – Share of EOG Resources (NYSE:EOG) picked up approximately 18%, since its 52 weeks of low of $60.24 a share on January 20, due a 7% increase in the oil price so far this year. This should have a positive impact on its financial performance in the first-quarter of 2016, considering the fact that EOG is taking various steps to survive this downturn efficiently. This includes, reduction in costs & capital spending, improving operational efficiencies through continued focus on innovative technology, shifting focus to premium locations that generates 30% rate of return at $40 per barrel of oil prices and improving balance sheet. Let us look at these initiatives in details. Reduction in costs and capital expenditure In the low commodity price environment, EOG remains grounded in terms of reduction in operating as well as capital expenditure. After having reduced its cash operating costs per unit by 17% in 2015, the company plans to additionally lower its cash operating costs in 2016 through a mixture of costs efficiencies improvements. For instance, the company during the first-quarter of 2016, secured a long-term brackish water supply, which is expected to save them approximately…show more content…
These premium locations are able to generate strong returns in a low commodity price environment. The shale player expects these wells to generate after-tax rates of return of 30% or better at $40 oil and more than 100% after-tax rates return at $60 oil. Therefore, these premium locations should enormously improve its performance when oil price starts improving and create value for its shareholders. This becomes evident as the company has identified about 3200 locations with approximately 2 billion barrels of oil equivalent of inventory at its premium locations for the next 12 years. The snapshot below shows its premium locations and rate of return at oil price in the bracket of $40 and $50 per

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