EP-Extreme Smuggling Documentary Analysis

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EP- Extreme Smuggling Documentary
The most expensive war in the US is the war to stop illegal drugs. Survey says that 20.8 million drug users are in US. Drugs took more than 50,000 lives just last year. In 2006, one semi-submersible was confiscated in Columbia with 6.8 metric tons of cocaine, the largest quantity of cocaine with a market value of more than 180 million dollars. Smugglers have expanded 100 semi-submersibles that are 100 feet long in size and capable of carrying 10 tons of drugs. By using satellite-phones and GPS, they have found trails of drug trafficking. Exclusive footage of drug smuggling showed that how they are capable of using aircraft and the safety measure they use to escape when they are caught from security personnel. This was best demonstrated when a plane full of narcotic landed in damped jungle and all the loaded cocaine was cleared the by within 10 minutes and the plane was
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It is known the plant cannabis, grass etc. It is categorized as a schedule I drug, but 23 states including D. C. have legalized it as a prescription drug. In fourteen states, marijuana can be grown or bought legally. Marijuana is used for recreational purposes as well as for medical purposes like pain relief and increase appetite. There are many pros and cons about using and legalizing marijuana. For example, marijuana can be used as a medicine (pain, nausea, vomiting) but at the same time it is a carcinogen and psychoactive. Aron Russ from Holland, the king of cannabis, has collected more than 2000 samples of marijuana seeds for market. This is the largest collection of marijuana and Aron has become a billionaire form this. According to the potency of THC (%), marijuana is categorized as: Low grade: 1-4, High grade: 4-8, Supper high (sensimilla): 8-25, Hash: 7-30 and Hash oil: up to 70%. Marijuana effects G-protein coupled CB1 (brain) and CB2 (non-brain

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