EPM System Disadvantages

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EPM system can be considered as the most reliable tool to manage the ISD staff performance appraisal information. Once all the data are collected and stored the system will organize the data in a way that the managers can quickly make decisions whether to promote a staff, increase the salary, or fire any staff that is not fulfil the requirements. EPM system gives a very good management of data of staff performance appraisal information. Thus EPM system will help the managers to make a decision and also can consult with the staff on their weaknesses or strengths based on the information that they have to boost the staff performance in completing their tasks. It does not matter how the staff complete their tasks but the thing that matter is the staff have to know their own strengths and weakness based on the data and information that the managers have. That is why EPM system provides a well-structured information.

ADVANTAGES/STRENGTHNESS EPM system has its own strengths or advantages. With the implementation of EPS system, the organizations, the staff and
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The staff is really aware of their own productivity and they are willing to improve their weaknesses and also take corrective actions if necessary. The uncertainty is not there because the system already provided the staff with better data management and specific information about the staff’s tasks and responsibilities. Sometimes the staff does not know which part that goes wrong. So with the EPM system they are more confident with their tasks as they know everything about what they should do or improve to prove a better quality in doing their jobs. EPM system gives a clear and better understanding to the employees so that they can interpret and make a conclusion that will enhance their performance. Next, let us take a look at the positive effect of EPM system to the
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