EPO Argumentative Essay

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EPO a hormone produced by the kidneys that increase the production of red blood cells. Cyclist and marathon runners use this drug to improve their performance. Because this drug produces more red blood cells which leads to a higher oxygen-carrying capacity, which in turn leads to a higher level of sustainable muscle activity and faster times. The health risk associated with EPO abuse is high blood pressure, blood clots, heart attacks, and even premature death. EPO is also used to treat other medical conditions like anemia so if a athletes is facing a medical condition I agree with the use but I do not believe in athletics using any drugs to enhance their ability to compete. I think it is important for the athletics to be tested on a regular basis but unfortunately like EPO this drug is out of your system within days. If drugs are found in the system of athletics they should be removed from competition. I believe that athletics should exercise, eat right, and train to…show more content…
Well I do not agree with that. I believe we have a obligation to continue to improve on the gear that is needed to perform their duties. Whether that is continue to research on shoes, clothing, props etc. But injecting or taking enhancement drugs to perform better seems to me unethical. That means you are depending on the medication to help you perform verses using the gifts that has already been given to you to become successful. Tampering with gene doping by tinkering with genes that lead to more of EPO or testosterone so athletes could naturally produce more hormones seems dangerous. Tampering with muscles to enhance ability to compete seems to me as we have really lost our perspective on the role on what sports is all about and how it plays a role in our lives. Not only that but we are still not sure of all the side affects these drugs and even how tampering will affect the person long
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