Eadlyn Character Analysis

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Have you ever read a book series, and about halfway through, the point of view changes? One example of this would be in The Selection series by Keira Cass. The first three books (The Selection, The Elite, and The One) are in the point of view of America Singer (later Schreave) and the last two books (The Heir and The Crown) are in the point of view of her daughter, Eadlyn Schreave. The last two are also set 20 years after The One. America and Eadlyn have many similarities and differences including, but not limited to, matters relating to their personality, their life, and their appearances. First of all, America and Eadlyn have very different personalities, but they do have some similarities. Eadlyn is a little ungrateful because she grew up as a princess and she’s always been rich, while, on the other hand, America has always been very grateful because she grew up very poor. Eadlyn is also very self-centered, unlike America who was very compassionate towards others. America is very rebellious, while Eadlyn knows her duty and tries to uphold it. They are both really stubborn. America is stubborn when she doesn’t want to enter the Selection…show more content…
There are similarities and differences in their personalities, lives, and appearances. They may be different, but they are both amazing characters and have great stories. They both tell their stories beautifully. But their stories are very different. If you want a story about a girl doing something she doesn’t really want to do, then both of their stories are good choices. But if you want one that shows a rebellious girl living a life she didn’t really want but never could have dreamed of, read America’s story. On the other hand, I f you want a story about a self-centered girl learning her place in the world and trying to do right by everyone, read Eadlyn’s story. Whatever you prefer, America and Eadlyn both have great stories worth
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