Eadlyn Schreave Character Analysis

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Have you ever wanted to be royal? Ever wanted to rule a country? In The Crown by Kiera Cass, Eadlyn Schreave has both. She knew for the majority her life she was going to be the Queen of Illea, however she had no idea it would be so soon. Where we left off in the previous book Heir, Eadlyn’s mother had a heart attack and nearly died. Unfortunately, in the event of this happening, she became a Queen Regent or the step in queen to help her mom recover. Doing this gave her a glimpse of what ruling a country is actually like. After a few weeks Eadlyn and her father decided it would be best for her to officially inherit the crown. After that Eadlyn realized she must chose a husband. In The Crown the author evaluates each character, vividly describes setting, and helps the reader predict what could happen next. After reading the book and evaluating Eadlyn Schreave, many traits have caught my attention. The author depicts…show more content…
When Eadlyn’s mother was recovering from her heart attack the author describes her as frail and trying to look like she wasn't in pain. Even when she was in pain she still looked amicable. “A second later she stopped smiling at all and moved both of her hands to her chest.” (Cass 50). Another visual the author depicts is when, Eadlyn needed a new dress and look for the report, she chose one of her mother's dresses. The dress was described as a deep red, with long lace sleeves and very full at the bottom. When Eloise did her hair Eadlyn described herself as looking smart and very modest. “I chose a tiara with rubies in it, and I looked like I was on fire.” (Cass 82). Lastly, towards the end of the book Eadlyn is usually very calm and always knew what to do but, she described herself as being a sweater with a loose string that kept getting pulled and pulled. In General The Crown is very visually through characters, objects and
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