Eagle Football Team Analysis

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Eagle Football Team Prepares For Upcoming Season Early Sunday morning, the Colby Eagle football team flocked to the high school to depart to Hastings, Nebraska for their annual summer preparation camp. Coaches Rees McKinney, Matt Sims, Brad Wildeman, and Travis Betz herded their 23 players into three suburbans, and after shooing mischievous junior Jordan Schippers out of their trunk, began their three hour trek to the camp. Lasting for three days, the camp had the Eagles spending approximately eight hours per day running through drills, studying their offense and defense, and facing off against other teams. Out of the 13 teams that participated, Colby was the only Kansas squad out of the cohort. On top of this, they were a bit smaller…show more content…
According to Hart, the Eagle football players engaged in rousing games of ping pong in their hotel to unwind after hard days of practice, further strengthening their relationships. Looking forward to the upcoming season, Coach McKinney says the Eagles are going to use what they learned about themselves at camp to help mold their practices when they start two-a-days in August. As for the rest of the summer, Coach McKinney wishes to encourage other athletes to come to summer strength training. “I’d like to get the rest of the guys in [to the weight room] that haven’t been in, and girls for that matter that play any sports. The weight room helps you become more athletic.” Strength training runs Monday through Friday with sessions from 6-8:30 a.m. and 6-8:00 p.m. until August 11th. All CHS and CMS students are welcome. Captions: Eagles Blank blank blank load a trailer full of gear early Sunday morning to take to their football camp in Hastings, Nebraska. The players returned around 3 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon. A flight of young Eagles converse and rough-house before gathering into suburbans for the 3 hour drive to their camp in Hastings,
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