Eagle River-Personal Narrative

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It’s June 16, 2016, and I’m in Eagle River. I’m thinking to myself, “Why am I here? I am not in the mood for this. This isn’t what I planned for. I should be walking through the competitor gates, not the gates for the stands and raffles.” I tell myself, ‘a year from now, I will be on the other side of the fence. ' I am an hour early, walking around trying to familiarize myself with some of the people I’ve seen before. I gather information on the rides. Strangely, I buy a raffle ticket, something I’ve never done before. Finally, I sit in the stands. I’m in the front row, there is a photographer crouched against the fence in front of me, and an older man beside me. The announcer, Frank Koloski, begins speaking. There is someone moving around behind
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