Eagle Summit Case Study

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1. What supports do you feel are needed at Eagle Summit to improve the experiences of the students? The supports that we need at Eagle Summit include a full time clinical therapist, resource officer, campus monitor, high/middle school teacher, and facilities that are equipped with the necessary tools to effectively teach the career pathways. This would include a weight room, construction shop, automotive shop, and health care lab. 2. What supports do you need from me to be a more effective educator in your classroom? We need support with regards to the policy and procedures that are implemented at our site with regards to Special Education law, the Child & Welfare Institution Codes, Penal Codes, and Education Code. We need to be sure that other site are accountable to the ethical practices that we are trying to encourage in our student’s. We need you to be our motivator and inspiration in recognizing the positive things our staff is doing more often. 3. If you could change anything at Eagle Summit what…show more content…
Our program has grown tremendously and we are constantly making improvements under the circumstances. Our staff is dedicated to working with some of the most difficult children in our district, they should be applauded, not degraded. 4. What do you think we provide to students here at the present time that other schools in the district can 't? We provide a unique atmosphere that students can learn a variety of subjects. We provide the opportunity to explore a diverse amount of career pathways with 21 century learning and project-based instruction. We provide realistic goals and opportunities to develop the students’ interest and aspiration. We define vision, purpose and a mission. 5. What supports do you think we need to implement at Eagle to serve or current students that we do not have
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