Earl Warren's Three Major Court Cases

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Earl Warren Many chief justices have worked on popular cases over the years. In particular I am going to be talking about Earl Warren; his early life, he was a past chief justice, why he chose what he did and the three major cases he worked on throughout his life. All of these affected our lives in one way or another. The three cases Earl Warren worked on were Brown v. Board of Education, Miranda v. Arizona, and Benton v. Maryland. Earl Warren was a very busy, yet wonderful man.Warren was born on March 19, 1981. He was born in los angeles california and it is also where he spent most of his childhood. Warren was not an only child. He had one sibling, his sister was named Ethel. Christine and Erik were Warren’s parents. They were both very strict. They wanted both of their kids to grow up and do great things, which was extremely pressuring. Earl felt a lot of pressure to not to disappoint his family, he felt lots a stress, which a young boy should not be feeling. He was different than most kids because of his family's wants. The stress he has pushed him to becoming as…show more content…
arizona case of 1961”( Newton 2) which he was the chief justice for. The Supreme Court concluded that defendants must be informed of their rights; their right to remain silent and the fact that statements they made might be used against them, their right to consult an attorney, and their right right to have an attorney appointed if they could not afford one (Rose 301). You are required to state their rights to them, if they are not stated then they are self incriminating themselves. Without these rights being stated the people don't know what could or couldn't get them in even more trouble just by saying a couple words when you're being arrested. Warren was helping the citizens not to incriminate themselves, not get themselves in anymore trouble than they already are
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